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Active Businesses

The goal of the Active Businesses project (590879-EPP-1-2017-1-SI-SPO-SCP) is to create a comprehensive Health Promotion and Physical Activity (HEPA) program in the workplace.
Active businesses will become a comprehensive program of activities that will be easy to apply in various work environments to improve the health and physical activity of employees, entrepreneurs, managers.


  • Implementation of physical activity and health promotion measures under specific settings, e.g. companies and specific target groups, such as for overweight people, employees with lower education, economically weaker.
  • Increased percentage of employees who are physically active and eat healthily.
  • Minimizing differences between user groups, namely socially excluded employees.
  • Development and implementation of solutions and programs to promote health and physical activity for individuals who are prone to diseases, e.g. back pain, osteoporosis, stress, etc.
  • Increased social responsibility and individual responsibility for their own health, lifestyle and physical activity in the long term.
  • Sustainable implementation of health promotion and physical activity programs in the companies covered by the project.

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International partners meeting in Slovenia (February 2018)

International partners meeting in Poland (August 2018)

Physical classes as part of the project: